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Shin-Ah Electronics has been supplied Highly efficient Oxygen Generators and Air Purifiers including Personal Oxygen Generator(OXY FARM), Membrane Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Air Purifier and Indoor Air Purifier. We provide the best quality service in the industry.

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Personal Oxygen Generator (OXY FARM)

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Personal Oxygen Generator(OXY FARM)
 Personal Oxygen Generator (OXYFARM) - Membrane Oxygen Generator
Model SA-2500 Power Consumption AC  220V/120V  60Hz  60W
Product Size 360(W)×150(D)×360(H) Oxygen Generation
Oxygen Generation Method Membrane system Timer 90 minutes
Oxygen Flow 2.0 LPM (installed dispenser)
Oxygen Purity 30% or above Anion Generated
Exterior ABS Weight 10kg
Benefits of the Oxygen Generator

* Compact structure
It is environment-friendly and was made small by its optimal compact design. It also contains oxygen, anion, VDF, and membrane.

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