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Shin-Ah Electronics has been supplied Highly efficient Oxygen Generators and Air Purifiers including Personal Oxygen Generator(OXY FARM), Membrane Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Air Purifier and Indoor Air Purifier. We provide the best quality service in the industry.

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Air Filtration System

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Air Filtration System
Air Filtration System
  Operating automatically, the Air Filtration System displays indoor air purity by an artificial intelligence sensor on VFD panel for easy contamination check.
Cleans air through 13 stages. AIRION Air Filtration System gives a forest refreshment to your life.
  ARI0N Air Filtration System removes microbes that propagate indoors in poorly, ventilated places and in cold weather, fine dust particles and harmful gases, always keeping indoor air fresh.
  AIRION Air Filtration System removes particulate dust, microbes, pollen and hair pet that cause respiatory diseases such as flu, asthma and allergies.
  AIRION Air Filtration System removes hair and offensive odors generated from pets, such as puppies, cats and birds, and their droppings, to ensure that your children play with pets indoors at ease.
  Air Filtration System
Air Filtration System
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