Shin-Ah Electronics has been supplied Highly efficient Oxygen Generators and Air Purifiers including Personal Oxygen Generator (OXY FARM), Membrane Oxygen Generator, Oxygen Air Purifier and Indoor Air Purifier. We provide the best quality service in the industry.

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Leading Air Purifier Developer

Shinah Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing intelligent air purifiers and oxygen generators based on experience in developing and producing air purifiers for gas ovens.

For the first time in Korea, we have developed artificial intelligence technology for air purifiers operated by sensors. We are currently manufacturing and selling 12 kinds of air purifiers and negative ion generators.

With our modern technology, we have received several awards and acquired certifications including CE Mark for European standard, GD Mark, GOST (Russian standard), and the CA Mark from the Air Purifier Association.

Shin-Ah Electronics Co., Ltd is based on the air purifier business and has been expanded to anion and oxygen generators, air sterilizers, etc. With its extensive experience in leading in the business of air purifier production, Shin-Ah Electronics is expanding its business areas to further develop new, better products.

All our executives and employees will always work hard to make the best efforts for the company to be secured as a representative air purifier and oxygen generator manufacturer.

  No. 4 Ba-842, Sihwa Industrial Complex, Seonggok-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do
General information number(Tel) : 82-31-497-7154     FAX : 82-31-497-7152
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